About Us

Pat’s Express (formerly Breeze Thru Car Wash) is a locally owned car wash company in Orlando, Florida. We bought the car wash in 2009, and it was turned in to Pats Express in 2011.
We run an environmentally responsible car wash with the latest in Clean Car Technology. We also contribute to our community in charitable ways.

Environmental Policy:
Pat’s Express Car Wash recycles 80% of our water! We also use environmentally friendly products that gets your car clean, shiny and looking its best. We reclaim our water and treat it to make it acceptable for use in the wash cycle of the wash & rinse process. Reclaimed water is used to remove the dirt from the vehicle, followed by a fresh-water spot-free final rinse. Using reclaimed water promotes water conservation by re-using nearly 80% of the water used in a car wash.


Our Charity program helps those who need it the most. You can be proud when you wash your car with us. Details coming soon . . .

Do you want to work for us? CLICK HERE to download an application. Bring in the completed application to our store.

4908 W. Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32808
Phone: 407/299-6281, Fax: 407/578-6765
Email: contact@patsexpress.com