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At Pat’s Express Car Wash, we specialize in keeping your vehicle looking its absolute best. Our service is well-known for being the quickest and most efficient car wash in the Orlando area. We come fully equipped with the most up to date environment-friendly technology, and our automated car washing system is readily available if you’re in need of a quick yet effective wash. Treat your car right; come to Pat’s Express Car Wash.

Available for most Government and Law Enforcement Vehicles

Early Bird Special

Early Bird Special:  WeatherAll Wash $7

Our Early Bird Special is a fantastic way to save on your car wash. Early bird is Monday thru Thursday 8:00am to 10:00am. You can get a Supreme Shine

ideal auto

Our car wash tunnel also uses the Ideal Auto Image Display System ( Click Here to see more about Ideal Auto Images). This is an IN-TUNNEL graphics display system that delivers fun graphics and informative messages projected on the soap that cleans your car. The kids love it, and you’ll be impresses also. Turn a boring car wash into something fun! Come see it for yourself.